Healthwise Mobile Therapy Prices
Aromatherapy Massage                  60 mins                               £38.00
Warm Bamboo  Massage                60 mins                               £42.00
Indian Head Massage                     40 mins                               £34.00
Reflexology with VRT                     40 mins                               £32.00
Holistic (Swedish) Massage            60 mins                               £37.00  
Deep Tissue (Myofascial release)    60 mins                               £40.00
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage     30 mins                               £29.00
Cupping Therapy                                60 mins                                   £40.00
 Cupping Honey Cellulite Massage  40 mins                                         £34.00
VRT Reflex 30mins and B.N.S Massage 30 mins  60 mins                        £42.00
Cannabis Oil infused Massage             60 mins                                        £45.00

Discounts given when blocks of 6 or more sessions are paid for in advance.

Regular client discounts are also given. Please enquire for details.

Longer sessions are charged proportionately.

I am able to travel outside of the Bristol area however depending on distance and quantity of treatments a petrol surcharge may be applied. Please contact me to enquire.


We all lead busy lives and sometimes you may need to alter your plans because of illness or an emergency. If you need to change an appointment with me please give 24 hours notice if possible so that I can offer your appointment to another client.
If you could do this by telephone and if I am not available I would appreciate it if you could leave a message.

Payment Methods :  Cash or Cheque ( Cheque Regular clients).
                                  Paypal add £4.00 to price


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