History of Aromatherapy

People have always been enchanted by the seemingly magical powers of aromatic plants.
Thousands of years ago our ancestors used their highly developed senses and intuition to find plants that were edible and could be used for healing and ones that were poisonous.

They also discovered when aromatic plants and resins were burnt as incense some fragrances made people feel relaxed or drowsy while others had the effect of feeling ecstatic or euphoric.
Healing and religious practices were always closely connected until the growth of mainstream western medicine in the eighteenth century.
The ancient Egyptians were the true founders of aromatherapy. In rituals and healing aromatics were used also for cosmetics and embalming, they were also used for different types of massage.

China also had a long aromatherapy tradition. Wealthy Chinese households reserved a special room for childbirth where the plant mugwort was burned to help labour and was believed soothing for the infant.

The Normans helped in bringing aromatherapy to Britain. One custom was to spread sweet smelling plants on the floor which gave off pervasive scents when crushed underfoot. Many had antibacterial and insecticidal properties which helped counter airborne infection also helped deter lice and fleas.

Aromatherapy is using massage with essential oils which are customised especially for you. The essential oils work not only on a physical level, they also influence our minds and emotions. Every cell in the body is affected, an angry and disturbed person develops an acid system.
Emotions also alter the endocrine balance, impair blood pressure and the circulation, and produce a sustained state of emotional stress, causing physiological changes that lead to disease.
The influence of emotion and mood is significant because 'how you feel' can determine what you think, perceive, remember, and ultimately how you behave.

Illness is a natural expression of what is happening inside the body. Treating this with superficial drugs designed to suppress the problem is pointless as the seat of the disease may be in a different part of the body from the one in which it manifests.

This Holistic approach to health can be very successful in treating stress, tension, migraine, insomnia, skin conditions, muscular aches and pains, also boosting immunity.

What to expect in a treatment
A free client consultation is offered to assess your general health, diet, exercise and lifestyle are considered, based on this information essential oils are chosen for your specific health issues.

These essential oils are then blended with a carrier oil chosen for your skin type and/or their properties to help treat you.

A quiet warm room will be required to gain optimum benefits. 

All that is required for the treatment I will bring with me.(Including Towels)

Jewellery, contact lenses, glasses, shoes and clothes are removed, but remain in undergarments.

Client to lie on a couch (bought with me) on their back covered with a large towel.

A relaxing full body aromatherapy massage is then applied. Duration 60 minutes, or 75 minutes including face and abdomen.

Bergamot familiar to many as the flavoring in Earl Grey Tea.
Uplifting and relaxing, good for enhancing your mood and
for building confidence. 
                                                                                                         Grapeseed Oil used as a carrier oil                                                                                                                                  ‚Äč


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